About Hotel

Convenient Location of the Iris Garden Hotel

The location of this hotel is at Jalan of Bukit Bintang. This area is located at Kuala Lumpur, which is a very popular city of Malaysia. Bukit Bintang one of the most famous entertainment district of Malaysia. You can the best shopping malls of Malaysia at this place. As the place is so popular, it is a hub of many well known hotels and restaurants too. Among all these hotels The Iris Garden Hotel is very popular. Jalan Bukit Bintang is a part of the huge area of Bukit Bintang. It is the most prominent and famous retail belt of Malaysia. Many famous landmarks of Malaysia like cafes, shopping complexes, bars, road side hawker eateries, well known restaurants, night markets are situated nearby this location. The place is very popular among the tourist of Malaysia. This is the heaven for the young generation. They spend a dreamy nights at this place with their friends.

Roads and Famous places:
Many famous places also situated nearby to this place. The Golden Temple Malaysia is the most famous place you can access from this place. The place Bukit Bintang starts from the Jalan Bukit Bintang and ends at Padu Road. Main roads which are connected to this place are Jalan Sultana Ismail and Imbi Road. Some important part of the place Bukit Bintang is Jalan Bulan, Jalan Walter Grenier, Jalan Alor etc.

Shopping Malls:
It is one of the most important shopping districts of Malaysia. Some famous malls and shopping station of many well known brands are located at this place. Some of the important malls at this place are Bukit Bintang Plaza, Imbi Plaza, Time Square, Fahrenheit 88, Starhill Gallery etc. Al these malls are just like a perfect place for the shopaholics. If you love to shop then you should stay at this Iris Garden Hotel as you can access all these malls so easily from this hotel.  Berjaya Shopping Mall is the 13th largest shopping malls in the world. You can get everything you want at this place. It is a hub of entertainment. Not only shops you can get to watch 3D movie at this place. It has an IMAX 3D theater. This place is the perfect zone for younger crowds. It also has a theme park within it. The theme park is the largest in Malaysia. This shopping mall is perfect for upper and middle class people. If you want to check out some luxurious mall then you must see the Starhill Gallery shopping mall. It is the most luxurious mall of Malaysia.

Not only shopping malls it is the hub of many restaurants. For young generation it has many road sides’ eateries too.  They can hang out with their friends and have some with the excellent foods at these road side eateries. You can get all types of Spicy Malaysian and Chinese foods at this place. For more luxurious lunch or dinner you can get many restaurants. Service of these restaurants is really good and the food is just awesome. Not only Chinese and Malaysian food you can some really good and spicy Mughal food at this place.