Room Types

Excellent rooms of Iris Garden Hotel
Iris Garden Hotel is a very famous hotel of Bukit Bintang. As Bukit Bintang is a very popular place of Malaysia this hotel is very popular among the visitors. In this hotel fifty lavishing rooms are there. All the rooms are fledged with all the modern amenities. The rooms are clean and airy. From the huge window of these rooms you can enjoy the whole city of Malaysia. In this hotel four types of rooms are available. According to your family member and the purpose of visit you can choose the rooms.

Types of rooms:

  • Standard King:

In this room a standard king bed is provided for the guests. The bed is near about 16’’ wider. The bed is perfect for two people. Two people sleeping in this bed can get enough of personal space. Two long twin beds can be pushed together also to make a king size bed. To cover the bed they use an excellent clean and white flat sheet. Overall dimension of a standard king bed is 76’’*80’’. This is the bed where two adults can sleep most comfortably.

  • Twin Bed:

If you are not comfortable with the standard bed you also can get twin bed here. Other name of twin bed is single bed. That is mean in twin bed rood you can get two single beds. For official tour it is the best choice you have. Dimension of twin bed is 39’’ wider*75” long.

  • Family Room:

This is the room perfect for a family. If you are planning for a holiday wit your wife and children then you must choose this room. In this room you will get a double bed and a single bed. The single bed would be perfect for your child. That is the reason the room of called family room.

  • Family Deluxe:

If you have more than three members in your family then you must choose this type of room. This room has two double beds room. That is mean the room cam accommodate four number of people. The size of the room is huge so you can get lots of space. The two beds are little smaller than the standard size beds but much larger than the single beds. Two people can sleep comfortably at these two beds.

Facilities you can get in each room:

All the rooms have some excellent amenities for the visitors. Air conditioned is available in all these rooms. By sitting at your room you can access internet. Every room has a separate smoking zone where you can smoke comfortably without disturbing your family. Another very important facility you can have is you can access internet by sitting at your room as the hotel will provide you Wi-Fi connection at your room. Every time you can get to connect with the world through the fast Wi-Fi internet connection. For business travelers this facility is very important to have. Every room has separate bathroom. The bathrooms are clean and have shower. For all these reasons the hotel is so much popular among the people.